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Reprinted from NewsMax.com

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Feb 13, 2005
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Reprinted from NewsMax.com

Business in China Means Annihilation of the West
Lev Navrozov
Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005
In his play of genius "The Gentle People," which Irwin Shaw wrote in 1939, he described the danger of search for wealth no matter what. In his novel of 1979 "The Top of the Hill" (which I reviewed in "Chronicles of Culture" as comical hackwork), he described the unlimited value of wealth. T
hus, the hero of the novel, a rich businessman "at the top of the social hill," knocks out the teeth of someone poor and almost forgets his magnificent deed. In my review, I said that Irwin Shaw describes not the United States, but a Phonyland of his imagination.

In the real United States there is payment to a lawyer on contingency, that is, as a percentage of the sum awarded by the court. Lawyers would rush to sue a rich businessman who knocked out the teeth of someone poor.

Yes, wealth is great danger, and this is why there is in the United States payment to a lawyer on contingency.

But who is going to sue those western businessmen in China who have been contributing to the annihilation of the west by the Chinese dictatorship? U.S. business in China endangers the United States and violates democratic values, according to Ethan Gutmann, who arrived in Beijing in 1998 "in search of the New China."

He spent three yeas in China, and, on his return to the United States, published a book entitled "Losing the New China - A Story of American Commerce, Desire and Betrayal."

Guttman writes about how the Tiananmen Square dream of democracy was crushed even as U.S. technology and communication companies began wholesale transfers of America's most sophisticated technology to the Chinese market.

Gutmann explains how and why U.S. corporations helped to replace the Statue of Liberty, a replica of which once stood in Tiananmen Square, with Mammon. Gutmann shows how U.S. corporations enhance the dictator's military power with U.S. technology in order to "get a piece of China's market." Also, U.S. corporations facilitated the world's largest "big brother" Internet. Thus, Cisco built a specially configured firewall box to enable the dictator to censor the Internet. Cisco's contribution was paid back as they captured 80 percent of China's router market. Gutmann notes that Cisco has also developed "Policenet," a surveillance system to provide secure linkage to provincial security databases allowing for crosschecking and movement tracing. As part of China's "Gold Shield" Project, Policenet allows the Chinese secret police to remotely access a citizen's work information, case history, and e-mails. In 2003, Policenet was installed in every province of China except Sichuan. A brochure was compiled to advertise Cisco's "digital policing" system. Microsoft was prohibiting Chinese customers to use sensitive words such as "democracy" and "Falun Gong" as search keywords, while Google was censoring its new Web sites. On Jan. 19, 2005, The Epoch Times (no, not the New York Times or the Washington Post) carried Gutmann's speech at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. We read:

Now I'm just going to touch very briefly on the military situation today. We're all aware that American companies have been transferring dual-use technology to China for some time. In fact, you can even make the argument that continued technology transfer from American companies is preferable to China building its own research and development capability.

But that situation no longer holds either. Motorola has now outsourced over eighteen [!] major research and development plants to China, all on par or better than U.S. standards. These plants serve the Ministry of Science and Technology "863" project - that is, fourth-generation wireless and mobile technologies with cutting-edge military and commercial applications. There are no background checks on the Chinese engineers, and the research goes directly out to the People's Liberation Army.

They're not alone. IBM, Honeywell, Microsoft, GE and Lucent are involved. The rate of transfer in this case has outrun the pace of innovation. It's a vicious cycle. American security is the loser.

In the democratic west, power (law) and private enterprise are two different entities. In China, the dictatorship and the western private enterprise embrace. The Western private enterprise can give to the dictatorship the biggest bribes in the form of contributions to its power inside the country and to its future world domination - and the bigger such a bribe is, the more eagerly the dictatorship will accept it, for the bigger the bribe is, the bigger is the increase of the dictator's power inside China and outside. The Chinese dictator's supreme goal is the post-nuclear superweaponry, able to destroy enemy means of retaliation and thus circumvent Mutual Assured Destruction. Now, suppose Program 863 or other Chinese research institutions have a difficulty. If a Western corporation helps, this is the biggest bribe, which the dictator will reward with the biggest favor. At the same time, the bribe may accelerate the Chinese dictator's annihilation of the West. For the first time, the betrayal and annihilation of the west will fetch such a high price, but this price does not cost the dictator of China any money - the dictator reciprocates with a piece of China he owns, such as its market, or another commercial privilege or advantage. The population of China is four times as large as that of the United States. Since the Chinese labor is far cheaper, western business drifts to China, for such is the law of business competition: lower expenses are needed to make the product cheaper. We can conceive of all Western business outsourced to China. But the result will be not only an enormous revenue to the dictatorship of China but also an unprecedented betrayal of the west. Yet Gutmann's book has been virtually unknown. I have learned about it since Gutmann spoke in Taiwan, and a reader of mine sent me the repot in the Taiwan News of Aug. 29, 2005. But how many westerners read the Taiwan News? Gutmann and his book have been ignored by the U.S. mainstream media ever since January 2005, when he spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, DC., but only The Epoch Times carried the report.

You can e-mail me at [email protected] The link to my book online is www.levnavrozov.com.


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Jul 4, 2005
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Much of our national debt is held by China. If they decided to sell off all those T Bills it could put our economy at risk. (Remember that we had a Federal Budget Surplus when Bush took office, he gave most of it away to the rich in a tax refund and has been borrowing to run the government ever since.)

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