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Republicans, Democrats spar on opening sliver of ANWR

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Feb 11, 2005
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Republicans, Democrats spar on opening sliver of ANWR to drilling

Posted on September 22, 2011 by Cowboy Byte

The prospects of oil and gas production from a sliver of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was discussed by a key house committee Wednesday in a hearing that turned testy at times and highlighted the vast divide between Republicans and Democrats on the issue.

Republican Doc Hastings of Washington, chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, invited a panel of witnesses that included Alaska’s governor, the state’s two US senators, and Carey Hall, otherwise known as “Big Daddy,” a truck driver featured on the History Channel series “Ice Road Truckers.”

“I am not a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist, but I can tell you one thing I do know — it is with vigilance and dedication and that oil companies keep working to produce safe practices, regulating the way they work with the natural resources and the environment,” Hall said. “It’s about jobs — our economy needs them.



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Feb 13, 2005
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it appear the only bright spot in our economy is oil and gas drilling.. and the jobs they are "adding"

with a stroke of the pen congress and the president could "create" jobs, revenue and reduce the price of oil/gas and our dependency on hostile foreign oil.

solar tech has not provided the jobs in our country, gas production and conversion of our transportation system to Natural gas would create more jobs with less federal stimulus needed..

if we just converted our school buses and postal vehicles to hybrid natgas/electric it would make a noticeable dent in our foreign dependency..

these two sectors are naturals for hybrid... most sit 16 to 18 hours a day... eliminating the need for fast chargers or expensive natural gas upgrades, and most have the ability/capacity for large undercarriage battery banks,

and in the cases of the school buses there is a constant turnover, and the post office needs all the help it can get..

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