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Riding Colts

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Feb 14, 2005
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East north east of Soapweed
I'm looking for someone to ride a couple of colts for me. Does anyone have any advice on who they think would ride them for me. I had an MRI a couple of weeks ago and my gulfers knee has a torn-wore-out at my age lateral meniscus. And some other problems with some ligements. Needless to say my colt-riding days are over. Actually I hope I can still ride gentle ones.... Anyway any advice is welcomed.
Katrina, where are you located? I know a young lady in South Dakota that is very good and would probably ride them for you.
All that I know is that she is from Eagle Butte. She is living with a guy that works on a ranch out this way. Seems to be kinda a stormy relationship. They have a son who will start school this fall at our little school. No big deal just thought you might be related.....
Hmm...if she is from Eagle Butte and she is a Tibbs then i guarantee she is related to me. Not sure she must be a wife of one of my second cousins or something. Maybe Pat's wife???...or i'm not all sure who lives up in that Eagle Butte area anymore. It was all of Shortlogs family. Some people swap wives like I do clothes, so i can't keep up a lot of the time. you got me curious now.....is she married to this guy? is he the Tibbs or is she? Whats the kids name?
She is a Tibbs.... He is a Tenant from Lakeview. I don't know the little boys' name. This Tibbs has a daughter maybe 15 or 16. I see her walking the road, pretty little gal. She always waves. That's all I know. :D

If your wheels are gimpy, a gaited horse will smoothe out the ride enough that you may stll ride. A Paso Fino or a fox trotter. Trouble is if you're not looking for one they're cheap, but if you want one they can get as pricy as a good rope horse.

I have a decent twister, the horses he takes in get roooode. Given the distance, I wouldn't haul to Kansas unless your colts are real snuffy broncs.
Nope no broncs...
These are mares I have had for a long time. One mare that raises colts for me is 16. The other Brian Fulton has now. Anyway they just need alot of time and round pen work. I alway drive my colts and get them to back with me on the ground. I run the lines through the sturrips and they handle pretty well before I ever get on them. These two colts will probally be my last so I am looking for someone who is very good and I will come to Kansas....Or Montana...... Nebraska..... Gaited horses??? Im not sure....I have to keep my cowgirl image :wink: My breeder friends give me a hard time with my pretty appy. :D
I get ya, you're looking for a horseman not a bronc stomper. Too many trainers want to tie their heads both ways and kick the hump out of them and call them started.
Soapweed said:
katrina: "pretty appy." :?: :) :wink:

didn't know someone could use the words in the same POST :shock: :wink:

There was a time when the Paint Horse Assoc. fronded on a PHA Ranchs that had Appys on them.

I rode a "Lepord" appy for Lew Winters that was a really good looker rode well and about a 7.5 to an 8 working cattle but didn't like dry work :mad: