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Riding for the Brand

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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NE Oregon
Just some verses that appeared in my head this morning.

Riding for the Brand

So many times I think we see judgment day as a grand party in heaven
Where those doing spectacular deeds are honored like bread that is leaven

Those little things one may have done are forgotten and minuscule
But once I review the criteria set forth in the golden rule

I know my vision of honor for doing grand deeds in the eyes of those that saw
Mean nothing, it is the little things done without notice, that fulfill the law

No one may have noticed when you took time to help one sick of aged years
When you canceled your plans to go to rodeo, win a buckle roping steers

The Good Lord, the Great Spirit, doesn’t care about all the fanfare and great ado
It is the small individual ingredients, mixed and melded, that make one’s life stew

So many times we hear the saying, "Don't sweat the little thing"
So then it goes overlooked, multiplies, and hits us with a bang

Attending to the things that are considered little
A waste of time, non-lucrative, and nothing but a piddle

Are viewed in a different way by the one that is the light
So take a moment to do one little thing, you know it is right

Prayers alone are not enough for those that need our aid
Small deeds without conditions are forever, even after prayers may fade

Did you miss a sensational time-breaking ride at the local rodeo
Because you stopped to comfort one, that was feeling low?

So it is the little things that others may never see or know about
That will sway your case in heavenly favor, it is written without a doubt

Will you ride for the brand doing unknown deeds for your fellow man?
That one small thing may be huge to another, so do it if you can.

By Faye alias Mountain Cowgirl 10/12/2022
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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
Just about every time I in Menard's parking lot. weather it is loading just filled 100 lb. Propane bottles, sacks of peat moss or few boards of lumber somebody step over to help. Heck the other day I stayed in the truck making a phone call while sue ran in for something. Guy had a pull truck with about 25 sacks of sack-create. I watched him load the first two and couldn't stand it and went over to help. Or like helping the hands at the feedstore load 50-50 lb. range block in back of the lady's truck who was in front of us, waiting to get a tote of oats (that one was to help but also get us loaded faster. oh have around 40 new tote sacks. Feedstore will refill them but not take them back.

Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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NE Oregon
More poetic nonsense thinking about the Alaska vacation when I was 9.

North to Ranch Alaska

My father wanted to move and ranch in Alaska
My mother said we could visit but no to moving
So my father took the long way from Colorado
And we went through the Sandhills of Nebraska

Over to Billings with all the open range
I got to thinking why he close this route
Avoiding the mountains that my mother loved
His intentions no longer seemed so strange

Then up north crossing Alberta, I remember to this day
The winding roads, the steep grades, and all the trees
All the desolate remote areas and while beautiful
My mother said no, “This isn’t a place I can stay”

It was a long haul up the Alaska Highway covered in gravel
Long slow miles, seeing mountains in the distance
And it took a lifetime it seemed to me to reach them
This so-called vacation was turning into a battle

Once we crossed over into Alaska, we set up camp you see
My mother refused to get out and cook despite a nice fire burning
So we ate sandwiches inside the camper and I pretended to have fun
But I wouldn’t get out either because the mosquitos were as big as bees

So for several weeks we traveled Alaska and never found the perfect spread
There was always some unsurmountable drawback, so back home we went
Taking a route more direct and much faster with more freeways and fewer byways
I was ever so glad to reach the home ranch and crash in my own bed

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