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Ron Paul

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Apr 27, 2005
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I missed the entire interview tuning in a little late. But I did hear R Paul tell Mr. Schafer "20% of Republicans are considering staying home or voting for Obama". What was this about?? Sorry if someone has already posted his comment.
In every case except the match-up against Ron Paul, more than 20 percent of Republican voters said they are more likely to support Obama than the Republican challenger. And Ron Paul is close, as 19 percent of Republicans said they are more likely to support Obama than Paul.

here is a Paul supporter's comment..
Our goal needs to be making the Republicans lose.

I am no Dem or liberal/progressive...I'm an individualist market anarchist. I will, however, vote FOR Obama if the Republicans don't nominate Ron Paul, because making the Republicans lose is the only strategy that helps our movement.

We should get the word out that if we dont have Paul, we are voting for Obama.

Ot would sure as hell be a way of payback for all the times they have screwed Ron Paul. It might even be enough to make them take Paul more seriously at a brokered convention.

For me personally, no Republican but Paul has my vote. No way, no chance, not happening, and Obama might jist get it out of spite.

These are not "traditional: republicans..

many of the comments I have read at Paul supporting sites sounds like 60 throwbacks with a bit of nationalist thrown in...

how else would you explain the new Paul logos.. ??? and the anarchist who thrive at his sites?



it looks as if Paul has been taken over by all the throwbacks of the parties that never get mentioned..

don't take this wrong, I like Paul, and most of his message, but recently his supporters look like a collection of scarey throwbacks that would fit in just as easily at an occupy wallstreet camp.

now all this collection of radical groups need is the communists..


Nightmare Communists for Ron Paul?

Comrades, another election is upon us in this cesspit of bourgeois excess known as these United States... although nothing 'unites' our class so much as our continual and universal exploitation at the hands of the ruling class.

The recent spate of GOP debates, as well as tonight's Iowa caucus, shows us that we cannot remain neutral in this encounter. On the one hand, we have Barack Obama, the neo-liberal candidate whose alleged 'socialism' is merely an epithet employed by the enemies of economic freedom on the Right. Would that this were true! But no, Obama has proved himself time and again to be the running-dog lackey of American Capitalism.

Ron Paul does not emphasize the moral regulation of the population; he calls for the repeal of most laws restricting sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In fact, Ron Paul wishes the government to be reduced to its logical minimum. Perhaps this is a candidate with which the Nightmare Communist Party might find common purpose?

Comrades, I do not suggest that the Nightmare Communist Party advocates a smaller and less intrusive government; scientific socialism dictates that Communism abolishes damn near everything as a separate sphere of life. However, Mr. Paul's goals might coalesce with our own.

We wish to completely overthrow and abolish the so-called 'democratic republic' of the United States (along with every other nation, but please, patience, comrades). This is made challenging by the current size, scope, and power of the U.S. government. Perhaps Mr. Paul's 'libertarian' desire for the smallest possible government will aid our goals.

Our sometime-allies within the anarchist movement have suggested as much; some of these self-styled 'anarchists' would go so far as to suggest that any increase in freedom is worthwhile, even coming at the expense of fundamental,...

so be real careful before listening to someone who claims to be a lifelong republican and Paul supporter, as his ranks have been infiltrated by some of the worst leftist groups..

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