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Rubio, the "*********" speaks again

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After reading the comments following the video I have to say I hope that people have learned a lesson about jumping on the bandwagon of a smooth talking politician. Rubio might be brilliant and may make Presidentual material someday but he is still a JUNIOR SENATOR. He needs time to mature and get his bearings about him when it comes to what higher office is, before people start toting his name as a possible candidate for 2012. The US has paid a very heavy price by making the mistake of launching an unknown JR Senator with a big ego and no record to judge him by into a seat he had no experience for. Do they really want to do that again so soon? :? Rubio might be better than Obama hell anything is better but it is going to take someone with alot of leadership experience to clean up the mess the US is in right now and I just don't see Rubio having that much experience yet.
Sorry I havent watched it yet....

What I want is a proven leader in BUSINESS. Someone who knows how to broker a deal and the meaning of standing behind your word.
Yes I am sure this person is older but in todays world you really dont get what life is about untill mid 40's then it takes a good 10-15 years to get ahold of it and yourself.
I am not looking for flash in the pan, glitz, polished speaker, or the lastest greatest....I want a honest, stand up, moral person who can get us back on the path of prosperity. Yes there will be alot of hurting along the way but you have to sacrifice in order to gain in the long run.

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