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Feb 10, 2005
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A student killed his grandparents before going on a shooting rampage, killing five and wounding as many as 12 at his northern Minnesota high school Monday, a fire official said.

Killed at Red Lake High School were four students, a teacher and a security guard, said Roman Stately, with the Red Lake Fire Department. The shooter is believed to be among the four dead.

"Apparently, he walked down the hallway shooting and then he entered a classroom, he shot several students and a teacher, then himself," said Stately, who arrived at the high school moments after the shots rang out.

Authorities discovered an hour later that the boy had shot and killed his grandparents, taking the service weapon of his grandfather, a policeman, Stately told KARE-TV.

"Everything is shut down," said Chief Deputy Tom Lyons of the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office.

The shootings occurred about 3 p.m. (4 p.m. ET), in Red Lake High School, a school of 300 student that is on a sovereign Indian reservation within Beltrami County, about 25 miles north of Bemidji, a town of about 25,000 residents, many of them Ojibway Indians, he said.

The school is about 240 miles north of the Twin Cities, near the Canadian border.
gonna go home in the morning and remind my own children how much i love, value and respect them...ya just never know!!! school is suppose to be a "safe" haven for our kids... :cry: :cry:
We had an incident a few years ago, must have been 2000. Some dipstick wrote on the boys bathroom wall that tommorrow this place is going to make Columbine look like kids play. When the janitor was cleaning up that night, he saw it and called the school officials and they started calling parents. School was not closed but if your child did not come they were not given an unexcused absence, and they suggested that you deliver your kids to school rather than use the bus. Well, I am not the guy to let some snot nosed dope smoking moron terrorize me. I took my kids to school in the dirty old ranch truck, with the 12 gauge loaded with 00 buck and the plug removed so it would hold more rounds, the 223 with two 30 round clips, (At least I left it in semi-auto) and I along with some more parents sat at the school all day and dared anyone to do anything. I know who did it as they were absent that day and they kept driving by the school about every hour. The one is now in prison and the other one just disappeared. What was that about being a redneck??? :???:
sw.....that is exactly how that situation should have been handled!!! my hat is off to you for sticking up for your kids and showing NO FEAR!!! nothing "redneck" about defending your kids and standing up for what is right...if only more would do that :wink:

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