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Feb 11, 2005
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Since you are a "Texican" and a fellow former Jackrabbit maybe you could help me out with this. What do you know about Casey Cooper saddles? Are they any good? They are made in Colorado City, TX. That's all I know.

It looks like they run $2500 each.
I won't lie....i haven't heard of Casey Cooper saddles before. You sure they are made in Colorado City? Colorado City is just down the road from me and has about 4000 people in it. They could be made there I don't know.

How about you Jersey_lily or other Texans...have you heard of them???

That website that Alabama posted has some tho and they look like good saddles....expensive but they look like they are made good. I dunno.

Where did you hear of them from?

Sorry i'm of no help to you. I tried calling a friend from there to ask, but didn't get an answer...she is out. sorry
Nope never heard of a Casey Cooper Saddle .....only casey cooper I knew was a girl that I went to highschool with. HeHe
So many saddles now are made in mexico then brought to US and the stamp or tag is put on them. Circle Y's one of em, have a friend that has a saddle shop and you can order just about any style with any saddle makers name on it if you look long enuff at his catalog. I'm not saying that the Casey cooper is made in mexico...but ya just never know unless you are dealing directly with the saddle maker himself/herself.
We looked for 2 years for a certain kind of barrel saddle for my daughter and never could find one that was quality made.....Liked some of the styles but the saddles just weren't built good. So we ended up buyin our own tree and buildin a saddle ourselves for her. Talk about learn somethin. Boy did I ever!!! Saddle turned out nice tho , not perfect, but nice.
I know for a fact that what jersy lily posted is correct.

I know, cuz I know someone who does it: gets the saddles out of Mexico
and puts his saddle shop stamp on them.

I never really thought about it in this light tho...it really isn't right, is it?
This is all I could find

Billy Cook Saddles for Western Barrel Racing Saddles,Grissom ...
Teskeys Saddle Shop specializes in custom made saddles, plus saddles by Billy ... Cook | Cactus Saddlery | Casey Cooper | Larry Coats | Teskey's Saddles ...
teskeys.com/ - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

See if this works :???:

Yea :!: - Try the link at the top of tis page 8)
There are lots of poorly made saddles that come cheap that are made in other countries. Out of all the cheap saddles I did find one saddle maker that looks to have a descent well made saddle. I have NOT actually had one of these saddles but I have been tempted to buy one roping saddle from Buffalo Saddlery off of ebay and keep it around as an extra. Seems if you phone the saddle shop you can have your saddle made to order then shipped to Canada/US.

Buffalo Saddlery 740-778-3403
email: [email protected].

Pictures are plastered all over ebay and if you type buffalo saddle into the search engine at the top right hand corner of the screen it will bring up the pictures.

Hope you find the saddle you are looking for!


Just give me an old Eamor and I'll be forever satisfied. 'Course, I don't know if they make barrel saddles but they make a very fine ranch saddle.
i would like to recommend a good and a really stout made saddle for a great price SRS paul taylor made from pilot point texas. www.kotrading.com is the website they have a good selection of the SRS saddles
I was in Teskeys saddle shop day before yesterday to do some tradin and i saw several casy cooper saddles and met casy
the saddles were very good and he shure knew what he was talking about and understood the things cowboys put saddles thru
you can contact him there at teskeys saddle shop
hope this is some help Jerry

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