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Sandhusker - here's what matters

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Apr 27, 2005
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Time to concentrate on what's important......college football.

Will the Huskers take care of business in Lincoln tomorrow? Which team will show up to play the Cyclones?

Tomorrow KSU travels to the armpit of the Big 12....Norman, OK. We're very young throughout this year, and a host of injuries to the O line aren't helping things. Leading rusher Thomas Clayton was held out the first qrt last week over the parking attendant fiasco, and could've played from 2Q on, yet chose to let FR running back Parish Fisher stay in. Our D is much improved, and the O has shown signs of being a solid bunch. If all the dominoes line up correctly, we've got a shot at OU in Norman.

MO always picks one game of the year to play a big name school tough, and tomorrow is their chance when TX comes to Columbia. TX will previal. The other armpit of the Big 12, Colo travels to Stillwater to (hopefully) get drubbed.

KU goes to TX Tech, where 500 yards will be laid on them thru the air in yet another drubbing. A&M takes care of biz at home against Baylor.

Your Husker prediction?

I don't know which Husker team you're talking about, Beefman. I've only seen one and they've been consistant - a solid defense and an offense that couldn't put up 300 yards against the cheerleaders. I was thinking the 'clones were going to hang one on us, but now their victory against Iowa is looking less impressive. I really don't know what to expect, but I'll put on my scarlet and cream and say the Huskers by 10.

The Mildcats - they haven't looked real good from what I've seen either, but OU's problems are documented, too. I think that game is up to who ever gets their head in the game and wants it the worse. I'll say OU by 7 since they're at home.

Texas in a squeaker

Colorado Golden Schmucks by 13

A&M by 30

Tech by whatever they want. Tech is my national sleeper. I'm calling them to win the Big 12 South. I'm afraid of them.

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