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Senate Rebukes Bush on Iraq Policy

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
Reader 2, it seems that most telling statement is in how the headline is used, instead of
The Senate rejected a Democratic resolution
, they put "
Senate Rebukes Bush on Iraq Policy

this is how the facts are spun, or the spin.

Just as the "rights" of terrorists are portrayed as
, establishes new legal rights for terrorism suspects

when in actuallity,
agreeing to strip suspected terrorists of broad access to federal courts

maybe that is why I try not to get involved in complex issues such as this article, it only wanted to portray one view, Bush in defeat, terrorists with more rights, when it is a dem bill that was defeated, and terrorists were stripped of thier access to federal courts....the only one doing a steller job is the liberal press in twisting facts......