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SH a question maybe you can answer

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
I was visiting with a neighbor the other evening and he showed me two cancelled checks.

He had been renting a school section and the check that was used to pay for the rent was made out to the Commissioner of School lands.

He had occasion to purchase this very same property. When he went to pay for the land purchase he was told to make the check out to the Commissioner of Game Fish and Parks department.

Do you know anything about anything like this? Why would we sell school lands and give the money to the GF&P?

I saw both checks and the cancellations on them and can't see how they could have been faked and I know this man to be honest and can't see why he would lie or try to pull a fast one.

I thought you might know something about this and would like a reply from anyone out there who has knowledge of this.

Thank you
I don't know anything about that.

Perhaps a call to the regional GF&P office and a visit with the land manager would answer your question.