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Signal Rock

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
We had Sunrise services at Signal Rock. This rock was a place the Indians used to build signal fires. Our area was origanally controlled by Comanche, but early on, the Spanish, Utes and Navajo got a war party together and defeated the Comanche near where Fountain, Colorado is located. After that defeat, the Comanche were unable to control the country north of the Arkansas River, so the Cheyenne and Arapohoe tribes lived here. The Comanche sent signals deep into their territory from here if the scouts found some easy pickens and wanted a large war party. a fire could be seen as far as the New Mexico border (about 200 miles). Another fire from Fisher Peak or Raton Mesa would be seen far east or on south. The site is an appropriate place for Sunrise Services as we have a message to send to the nations. The Sangres de Cristo Mountains remind us of the message.


It was very overcast this AM, but usually the Sangre de Cristo (spanish for the blood of Christ) mountains are behind these good neighbors


The gals have picked a chair


The pastor played his git box while we sang a few songs. Indians used to build signal fires from up where the kids are

Coffee time now
Thanks for showing us, Shortgrass. Looks like my kind of get-together. A very facinating history that place has and a good analogy.

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