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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
We had a different one earlier this week. So around midnight on Monday the wife said she could smell skunk. She went around a closed any open windows. Tuesday morning there was a slight skunk odor outside. Then Tuesday afternoon I was walking up the driveway along the corral fence. There right beside a railroad tie post was a dead skunk. When I put it into a garbage bag to haul it off I notice that its neck and one shoulder had been eaten on. I always heard that Great Horned Owls are skunks biggest predator. My theory is an owl caught the skunk. Killed it. Ate its fill while on top of that post. When done it dropped the skunk and flew off. Leaving me a dead skunk to deal with. When the boys were down here hunting they saw a coyote packing a dead skunk. I told them what ever you do don't shoot that coyote.

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