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Small Businesswoman to Obama: 'Apologize' for Economy

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I, like that woman, would like to know why a small businessman should risk their capital and future on a market that no one has confidence in? Everytime Obama speaks about a bill he wants passed he tells everyone if it is not passed the world as we know it will end, and when it is passed the economy takes a boot to the teeth, He promised jobs with his stimulus bill and the unemployment rate rose and remains higher than when he took office even though he continues to claim it created millions of jobs. :roll: He promised auto makers would not go bankrupt if he bailed them out and guess what, you got it they filed for protection. He promised Obamacare would be the savior of the US healthcare system but when passed healthcare cost rose and he started handing out waivers to his supporters so they didn't have to comply. He promised if the debt ceiling was raised the US's AAA rating would not be downgraded, He got his deal to put off another raise until after the election so he would not have to face cuts again and it resulted in a downgrade because the S&P doesn't trust yet another debt commisssion's report is going to result in NEEDED CUTS TO SPENDING . Which who can blame them when the last one was totally ignored by the Obama and the Dems and they kept on spending like drunken soldiers.

So Again would any of you Obamabots like to tell us why actual small businessmen and women should risk their futures on a jr. senator that has NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE OR LEADERSHIP SKILLS?
I can promise you that these antics have kept me from pulling the trigger on getting back into being a small business owner.

I get close to convincing myself, and then a new crisis occurs.

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