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so where is Gull Island?

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
the Trans-Alaska pipeline, take a look at it, ever wondering why
the support-struts are so wide for just one pipe? It is because it was
designed to hold THREE pipes. Two for oil and a smaller one for Natural
Gas. Take a look at the map of the Trans-Alaska pipeline, and you will
see it take a sharp hook that forms an "arrow" shape pointed at
Canada... then superimpose a map of the trans-Canadian N.G. Pipeline
system and you will see that the Trans-Alaska Pipe comes VERY close to
the Canadian N.G. Pipeline system. There is a reason for this. The
original agreement, before it was discovered just HOW MUCH Natural gas
or N.G. was really up there, was for that N.G. pipe to be put on and
feed into Canada, then the Canada pipe could carry N.G. to the northern
States of America.

Instead, for over 25 years, there have been jet engines, the size of
engines that could power a 747, that have been modified to burn N.G. and
they have been running 24/7 powering huge pumps that take the N.G. that
is coming out of the ground in Prudhoe Bay, and pumping billions of
cubic feet of N.G. back into "empty" oil fields, since they can't "burn
it off" like is down in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Many people do not realize that N.G. is almost always found on top of an
oil field and must be "bled off" before you can pump the oil out.

"Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but those oil field numbers are WAY off... so far off they might as well be on another planet! For example, the #1 listing of Prudhoe Bay has to be excluding the holding of Gull Island, which has available to it, right now, over 200 billion barrels all by itself. Not to mention many fields that have been "tapped dry" and capped 20 years ago are having their caps removed .

"the claim that 2 million barrels per day could come from Gull Island means it would be classed among the world's so-called super giant fields of which there are only a few, most of them in Saudi Arabia.

Gull Island is/was a tidal gravel bar, mostly submerged at high tide. (The tides are only a couple of feet differential at this location) Prior to drilling, it was built up above mean high water level with several thousand cubic yards of gravel to make a stable platform for a drilling rig and a living/work camp.

I have done a bit of research on this fools' gold claim..

and since I routinely get it as a lead in to an investment opportunity I posted it..

the claim is wild.. unsubstantiated,..

that the drilling results were extremely confidential at the time of drilling — the critical data display instrumentation was even covered, to prevent unauthorized viewing of data. “We ran it as a very tight hole,” he said. “… There was no information that got out of there.”

Long-time Alaska geologist David Hite also sat the well briefly and told Petroleum News that only ARCO personnel were allowed on the rig and rig floor.

I believe the amount of oil could be there, but recoverable oil under 1970's technology was not recoverable.

but I have read a few really interesting articles on Alaska natural gas..

and really question why we are not putting our national energy policy into developing this untapped resource?

Initial evaluations

Large natural gas reserves were discovered in Prudhoe Bay in 1967.

oh well someday someone will push for real energy independence..

and then this investment opportunity might actually do more then fleece investors..

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