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Some Democracy!

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Jul 4, 2005
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There's no Democracy in Iraq. As George W. Bush stands up and tells a friendly audience that Democracy is on the move in the Middle East in the Iraqi Parliament, deals are made behind closed doors by a few. But we're still spending billions and Americans are dying every day.
Link below; my emphasis.

"But in the past nine months since the parliament was elected, decision making has largely taken place not on the assembly floor but behind closed doors, say lawmakers.
The country's most vital decisions - naming a president, picking ministers, and writing the draft constitution - were taken out their hands and given to only a few powerful leaders, say several members from different parties who were interviewed by the Monitor.
Assembly members say that more often than not they are told to go along with what party leaders want, whether they like it or not. This, coupled with the fact that many members rarely attend meetings - some worry about the threat of assassination - has largely neutralized the country's legislative body of any real power.


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