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Sorry ya'll...

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
For being late with the winner post this week. My satellite internet is down...and I had to go back to the old crippled dial up just to get the winner posted. It won't load pictures....or rather if it will it takes foreverrrrrrrrrr....lol

I'll try to get the contest posted tomorrow night on time....but it may not happen if they don't get this thing fixed. It's not on my end...something on thier end and has been down for 5 days now.
Oh this doesn't sound good.....talked with them today....and they have no idea how long it'll be before it's fixed. And are referring their customers to Hughes Net. They want us to switch over to them while they get this fixed????? It's wayyy expensive...like $99 a month...or you can spend $499 and buy all the equipment and it'll only cost you $50 a month. I DON"T THINK SO!!!!!

Think I'll be checking out the Century Link company that advertises DSL for $30 a month.

Some member here, perhaps it was Nicky, already complained about
Hughes. How about Sky Blue, is that available there? We have it
here, don't know how satisfactory it is tho.

Good luck! If you need help posting pictures til you get this sorted
out, let me know.
Wild Blue is available thru our Electric Coop....supposedly...but over the years every time I have ever called them about it...they tell me their system is full in this area and can't take any new customers.

Hughes is expensive!!!!

So will be calling Century Link tomorrow.
If you can get cell phone service go Verison. It has worked almostly flawlessly since we got it, About $30 to get started and $50 a month for 5 GB, which is an awfull lot of time. Just make sure you take your computer in to get the sales people to set it up correctly the first time. Only drawback is it only works in the USA. Get the 3G mi-fi hot spot which looks like an overgrown credit card, It is supposed to be able to handle up to 15 computers wirelessly all at the same time, We only use it on two. It even works driving down the highway.
We have Wild Blue, and if we ever get the chance to switch, we will in a heart beat!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had dial up that was faster, at times. We have Verizon phones, but until they update the tower, it is slower then Wild Blue. We have tried Verizon's toys 2 or 3 times, and not satisfied there. Hughes Net has problems too. If you can get DSL in your area, I think you would be alot more satisfied then with any thing we have found.
Well the company called us yesterday...come to find out...they are goin out of business...that's why their satellite stuff no longer works....wierd.

We will go DSL......

Verizon phones and all their attachments and accessories do NOT work out here. No signal what so ever ..... have tried them in the past. Neighbors have Hughes and it's pretty slow.
Haven't gotten a date set for DSL yet....they are to call us after the holiday weekend.

Wednesday evening we brought Mr Lilly's dad home on hospice....and had numerous trucks with equipment come late to set up hospital bed...oxygen...etc. It's been a rough few days....his mom is overwhelmed and doesn't know how she's gonna manage with him home...and not able to motivate too good on his own. So we've spent alot of time running back and forth to their house....plus a flyin trip to kerrville yesterday. Once again...the contest just slipped my mind. Maybe things will settle down....and maybe get into a routine in the next few days. He's doing much better since being home. Except for the fact that he doesn't have much strength. His color is good...he's eating much better....and he is a little stronger than he was when released from the hospital. Now if we could just get his mom to let us set up a bed for her to sleep in instead of her sleeping in her recliner.

Thanks for ya'lls patience....I may need somemore of it LOL

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