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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Phyllis Fong - The Inspector General of the USDA is a pretty tough little cookie. From what I've heard she "calls 'em as she sees 'em".

Reasoning Vague on New Mad Cow Test
June 16 , 2005--Washington

The USDA's inspector general offered explanation Wednesday for why she suddenly ordered new tests on brain tissue from a cow declared free of mad cow disease seven months ago.

Auditors noticed "an unusual pattern of conflicting test results" while reviewing the government's program of testing for mad cow disease, according to a statement from Inspector General Phyllis Fong's office.

That statement also indicated that audit findings won't be released until late summer as the agency continues to investigate a possible U.S. case of mad cow disease in an animal previously declared free of infection.

Initial tests last November indicated the existence of the disease in the cow, but subsequent tests had ruled out any infection. The inspector general ordered a third round of tests last week, and the cow turned up positive.

A sample from the animal is being sent to an internationally recognized laboratory in Weybridge, England, and the Agriculture Department will conduct further tests.

The cow did not present a threat to people or other animals, the department said. It was a "downer" cow, one that is unable to walk. Downer cows are banned from the food supply.

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