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stormy weather/CRP

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
We had quite a light show last night when the cold air bumped into the warm. Lots of lightening, wind and two-tenths inch of rain here. Town said .56 hundreths. Anyway, looks promising for more to come. We all have our fingers crossed. Did it leave much moisture as it came across Montana?

In a very suprising move, it was announced yesterday the CRP has been released for grazing in some Montana counties. I think that is a first. Usually it is a big fight and ends up coming too late to be grazed or hayed with any quality left. Sounds like this time it can be grazed until May 14th or 15th then back in July 15. There is some talk of the possibility of the nesting period for birds (May 15-July 15) being waived as well.

I hope it keeps raining and it is all a moot point anyway! But it does give some breathing room.
we've got a half inch in the gauge and about two inches of slush on the ground and fog. If the 90 days after fog the rain comes, we should have rain in the middle of July. Hope its true, hope everybody gets some of this and it keeps on coming :D :D :D

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