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Straws Milan

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Mar 10, 2005
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Straws Milan won the bulldoggin and went home with $106000 at Calgary. His first Stampede and appeared to be a weekend rodeo guy. In the final 4 he went last after 2 NT and a broken barrier 13+ and turned a 3.6 second run to prove he deserved the win.
Great story and he looked like he was living a dream.
I like Calgary better than the NFR. Seems more real with lots of guys that go back to work on Monday morning.
Milan"s from your country Per?
I don't know him Greybeard. I think he hails from the west side of Calgary. I agree that the fun of Calgary is that it can be won by whoever gets it done on the day after a small tournament style rodeo to qualify. I never grew up in a Rodeo Culture so only know the guys and gals who cross my path in the ranching end of things. It looks like a great way to make a guys golden years a tad more difficult. Good thing these guys are tough.
He is from Cochrane ,and yep he did a heck of a job. Glad to see a Canadian win ,especially an Albertan . :D

My vet was there as one of the field vets ,so I am sure I will hear all the after hour interesting going ons when we catch up over dinner soon.

Really enjoyed the Stampede this year, think we will have to take it in next year .

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