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Teachers and sex with students

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
I see in today's news that a teacher in Chicago was caught naked in the car with a student. Last week a teacher was arrested for having sex with a 14 year old in Tennessee. A few months ago a teacher was caught and arrested in Florida for having sex with a 14 year old student. And the LeTourneau case. All these teachers were female teachers having sex with male students.

What I want to know is where were all these teachers when I was in Junior high school?
Did you hear on the news today that the Letourneau woman is going to marry her student now that she is out of jail.....
I saw that Mary Kaye? was marrying the boy( Villi)? I also saw pics of the teacher in Tennessee. Boy she is hot looking! Oh well.

When I was younger, I had the hots for a teacher - as she was very young I asked her out - she said thanks for the compliment, but no thanks - at the time I was crushed - but now I respect her integrity.


The double standard lives. As a parent of daughters a male teacher would not live long enough to get the chair - I have a lot of land, a backhoe ......


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CKC1586 said:
good grief!!!
If any male teachers pulled that they would get the chair.

I agree with you on that.
But about the only way these boys will be hurt is the palms of their hands from "high fiving" their buddies at school.

You HAVE to draw the line somewhere though.
I think it is called fringe benefits. All my teachers were ugly, mean and strict and unmarried.
My teachers must have been a little on the kinky side---they were always paddling my butt!
Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!

I had a gradstudent in college , taught a feeds and feeding class. She was a cute red headed Texan. I was in lust, well a bunch of us aggies where dancing and drinking one night at a local establisment. Well I danced a few dances with her, and she kept saying this is not right I should not be in a bar with my students....gees I never told her what I day dreamed about during class.... heck as long as i went to college she was my age anyway.
In class I tend 2 stare becuz I try to focus on the teacher and whats being taught well last term i must have stared to hard cuz, now me and my teacher have this connection...late night connection on the phone until 12 midnight and much more i dont wanna let her go... :D [/i]

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