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Team Obama will be playing the race card very soon.

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Feb 10, 2005
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Romney was leading with men and independents and now the polls show the Dems proclaimed GOP War on Women is backfiring.

Poll: Romney Winning the Women's Vote

I expect the media to be in a surly mood tonight. After months of manufactured "GOP War on Women" silliness, a new CBS/NYT poll (!) finds Romney leading Obama 46-44% among woman voters. Mind you, that isn't GOP woman or even independent women, but ALL women voters.

More importantly, today's poll finds a notable shift among women in just the last month. In April, Obama was leading Romney by 6% among women. No other group saw an 8 point shift in their support.

Turns out women's top concern is the same as men's: The Economy. All the contrived outrage about contraceptives and women's health can't mask the fact that 73% of voters listed either the economy or the federal deficit as their number on issue.

Looks like its going to be a long, hot summer for Team Obama.

The only thing left is to start calling anyone opposing Obama is a RACIST and call out the New Black Panthers to scare voters away from the polling stations. :roll:

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