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Terror for Export

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Jul 4, 2005
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Thanks to George W. Bush.

Excerpts; link below; my emphasis.

"Afghanistan used to be the place to go for terrorist training, funding and real-world experience in battle. Not anymore. Iraq has become, in President George W. Bush's words, "the central front" in the war on terror. And compared with distant Afghanistan, Iraq has more fighting, more people, more money and a far better strategic position in the heart of the Middle East. If Afghanistan under the Taliban was a backwoods school for terrorism, Iraq is an urban university. "Bin Laden and Zawahiri remain in the leadership's safe haven in Afghanistan," says a senior Taliban official who uses the nom de guerre Abu Zabihullah. "But Iraq is where the fierce encounters take place, where we recruit and dispatch fighters and where jihad's spirit thrives."

"Last May, CIA analysts produced an assessment of how the Iraq war would affect global terrorism; the report was so secret, its very title is classified. A counterterrorism official, who did not want to be named because he was discussing classified matters, says the report's conclusion is that defeat of the insurgency in Iraq would unleash experienced, capable and vengeful terrorists on the rest of the world, and particularly the United States. It's a kind of terrorist Darwinism. Those terrorists who survive, as Jenkins puts it, will be the fittest and the smartest—and they'll be looking for new battlegrounds."

On 9-11, Osama Bin Laden was the leader of a small, localized terrorist group in remote Afghanistan. Since Bush decided to invade Iraq, you can see how his influence has grown. And this article barely mentions Europe. Thanks, George.


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