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Texas clerk Faces Grand Jury for Defending the Pledge

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Apr 12, 2008
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Council meeting:


After my story broke, Judge Sterling Lacy demanded that Bowie County Sheriff James Prince "investigate whether actions by Clerk Natalie Nichols at Monday's meeting constitute disrupting a public meeting," the Texarkana Gazette reports. If found guilty, Natalie Nichols could face six months in jail and immediate removal from the office of county clerk.


Red Flame Wire has this:

A Texas County Judge who was, in part, responsible for voting to remove the Pledge of Allegiance and the Prayer from official court records in Texas, appears to be seeking revenge.

During a Bowie County Commissioners Court Meeting on July 11, 2011, Lacy addressed the members of the court about the removal of the Pledge and Prayer from court documents, claiming that the minutes that left out "the opening ceremony of devotional, Prayer and pledge," (the devotional was never an issue until the commissioners court got called to the carpet) prompting Nichols to say "that's not true….the Pledge and Prayer are most certainly there," which caused Lacy to try to silence her, resulting in her exasperated comment, "but you're lying."

it was Lacy and three other members of the court who voted to remove the Pledge and Prayer from the records from a June 13th meeting in which Nichols was out of town. Nichols refused to do so.

On June 13, 2011, while Nichols was away at training, Judge Lacy and two other members of the Commissioners Court voted to remove the Pledge of Allegiance and the Prayer from the court documents prepared by Nichols, and even went so far as to mark through the items on the official records.

On June 23, Nichols confronted the court about their actions and stood her ground, refusing to remove the Prayer and Pledge from the records.

it is a shame that they waited until she was not in attendance to try to slip this past... then use the threat of jail, fines and removal from office to silence her..

on another note..
Prayer Service and Inauguration for Dr. Sterling Lacy

There will be a 45-minute time of prayer led by local pastors from 2-2:45, and the inauguration will be at 3PM.


Dr. Sterling Lacy asked for prayer that GOD would guide him in his duties..

is removal of prayer, vindictive acts the guidance he sought?
well I guess this ends her career in politics...

PRESS RELEASE: Dick Morris endorses Natalie, calls her a "rising, young star" in the Republican Party

"Natalie Nichols is one of the rising, young stars in the Republican Party," said Dick Morris, President of Vote.com. "She is struggling to make Bowie County a two-party government with checks and balances. Right now, it is run by the fiat of the Democratic Party organization." Morris explained, "The Clerk's office is the key to releasing the voting records of the Commissioners Court. The current clerk sits on the records and won't release them without a formal request. Natalie, not to be deterred, now videotapes their meetings and posts them on her website for all to see."


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