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Texas ranch couple seek place to live/work

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Mar 19, 2012
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Hi there , WE are looking for a farm/ranch to live/work on in Texas We would prefer the big ranch country of Texas between Ft worth and Abilene Hubby has worked on with horses and cattle for 20 yrs( skills include but not limited to calving,foaling,feeding care and transport of livestock , fences, carpentry,groundskeeping,etc and he also preaches on occasion...wife is a accomplished oil and watercolor artist as well as a good horsewoman .We are great ranch cooks for 5-500 We have 2 house trained cats that are 14 yrs old ( had them since birth) and 1 housetrained chihuaha....We need to find a place ASAP... email us at [email protected] Robert and Katie or call us at 903-203-8528

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