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The Community Organizer Who Would Be King

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Feb 10, 2005
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Here's a few excerpts from a great column by Clarice Feldman, in which she draws comparisons between the Obama presidency and Kipling's book - The Man Who Would be King. I would welcome any rebuttal or discussion from you Obama supporters.


I think we've reached a similar turning point in this presidency where (a) Obama's (and Michelle's) delusions of grandeur have become objects of ridicule; b) Obama's feet of clay are obvious. He may be the only person left in Washington who has not yet realized how inadequate he is to the tasks before him; (c) the people and the press are beginning to turn on him, and as his failures become even more obvious with each passing day, more people will feel free to attack him and his policies and their attacks will become ever more savage as the gap between the promise and reality grow ever more stark.

Obama entered office on a groundswell of a disconcerting mania, a mania in which voters imagined on this blank slate of a candidate all sorts of truly fantastic abilities and policies, none of which were warranted in his paltry, truly shabby history.

The man with no available school records, for example, was painted as a genius and his brief time as a University of Chicago adjunct (basically teaching assistant) puffed up to a professorship in constitutional law. The guy who cannot speak a logical, coherent, grammatical sentence on his own was pawned off as a literary genius to unsuspecting, foolish voters. It was inevitable that the reality of his time in office could never match the dream. It was unfortunately equally inevitable that he would prove inadequate to the difficult job of the presidency.

Still, which of those who voted for him could have envisioned the hash he's made of things in every respect? Unemployment far exceeds what he warned it would reach if we didn't pass his stimulus package; the housing market shows no sign of lift off; the dollar sinks more each day; manufacturing is at a virtual standstill, and Americans grow more pessimistic about the economy each day. The landmark legislation of his first (and I hope final) term, ObamaCare, is so badly conceived and drafted that Americans are likely to see the best medical service in the world destroyed unless it is soon repealed or ruled unconstitutional. In the meantime, as uncertainty about its future grows, more and more businesses are paralyzed and unable to plan for their futures.

Internationally, we keep alienating our allies and boosting our enemies. Like the Duke of York* in the nursery school rhyme, he had "10,000 men marched them up the hill and then marched them down again." He ordered a surge in Afghanistan, the place he argued in 2008 we really should be instead of Iraq, and then order pulling them out before the job is done, and in a manner sure to increase the danger to them. Without Congressional authorization, he's committed our troops and weaponry to a rather pointless fight in Libya; pushed Mubarak out of office in favor of heaven knows what successors; failed to do a thing to prevent Iran from going nuclear; done nothing to stop Syria's Assad from daily slaughtering his own people; and each and every day puts the life and welfare of our staunch ally Israel at risk.

This week's press conference revealed him as a man desperately clinging to the same rhetorical devices that have long worn thin: demagogic false choices, class warfare and a preposterous description of himself as the reasonable adult in the legislative process.

Read it all:

I sometimes wonder if his history, upbringing and mentors have created a guy that likes causing problems, with hopes of solving them, so as to take credit.

there are rumors of him negotiating with the rebels in Libya, to hand over the "Lockerbie bomber". Yes, the same guy who's release was negotiated by the obama administration.

In this case, he gained the Islamic radical acceptance, and is now looking for a political solution, to gain favor with the voters, in time for the election.

The only problem is that he has created some problems that will not be solved so easily. It may take decades to solve some of them.

Obama's secret plan to spin his Libyan misadventure

Remember all of the discussions about whether or not Obama was a narcissist? While he might not meet the clinical definition of one, I think it would be interesting to have that discussion again now. I bet that there are many more people who look at him differently now that they have seen him in action.

Of course, proper vetting of their candidate prior to voting for him would have made this a non-issue. He would still be the junior Senator from Illinois if more people had been responsible voters.
I've noticed an increased coverage of the republican primairies and what looks like attempts to promote a few such as Romney.. is it because of all the candidates he is the one the left could accept as an alternative to Obama..

Like McCain in 08, I do not know of anyone supporting Romney..
Steve said:
Like McCain in 08, I do not know of anyone supporting Romney..
Well, I had to hold my nose and vote for McCain. So, I guess I could do it again and vote for Romney if that's what it takes. But, I'm damn sure getting tired of having to vote for the lesser of the evils.
I sure would be nice to see a real candidate stand out .. but with large liberal states voting at about the time a front runner is picked..

and they are not smart enough to not listen to the liberal media.

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