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the fitctional room

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Nov 12, 2006
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Well- Larry, Hoppy, Hypo-- I would love to take credit for thinking up the name "Afterbirthers" in the discussion of the ranchersnet nutcases-and the comments about the afterbirther "stank" that goes with it - but I won't/can't since I didn't think ]of it...

that is one of the few things you have said that is believable :D :D

And the site it was being discussed on would not be open to you-- because you have to register under your "real ID/name"- stand behind what you say

That leaves you out
- and they vigoursly police and expel stalkers....BUT they let YOU join that takes a lot of the creditablity fly out the window

So man up and give us the site so we can see for ourselves, let us sign up and let THEM decide if we are low enough to join!, baring that you are admtting you LIED again!!!! :roll: :roll:
Just google "afterbirthers", Hoppy.

There's more bedwetters out there than just Old Methulselah. Real class folks, it would appear.
Looks like ot was probably in the lunatic room like DU and learned a new name to call people and didn't want to pass up the opportunity to spread the left name calling around.

ot you are so predictable
Any one seen the oldwindbag liar since he attempted to tell us all about the SITE that only he belongs to, only he can join????

EH oldtimer, care to tell us how you got past the screening that you claim keeps out every one else??????

Better yet prove us all wrong! and show us the site! :roll: You are a pretty
good cut and paster, at least cut and paste the claim that you had such agreat chuckle about!!!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

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