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the light bulb ban was not repealed....

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Apr 12, 2008
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....a friend had this to say about it:

The bill got 56% support, just not the 66% required to send it to the Senate under the bizarre rules they were using for this vote. 96% of the Republicans voted for it, and even if 100% of them had the result would have been the same. So if we are defining RINO as a Republican who voted against this bill - a definition I have no problem with - then there are only 10 left. That's not bad at all for a single election.

To any voter who cares about the issue, what they saw today is that Republicans think they can be trusted to make their own light bulb decisions and Democrats think they are wards of the State, incapable of pursuing happiness without Democrats telling them how to do it. The irony is that 99% of the people who vote for Democrats really are wards of the state, incapable of making decisions, let alone a living, without handouts stolen from Republicans. If we ever do split into Republican and Democrat countries, it won't last long because everyone in the D.S.A. will be dead inside a generation, their carcasses freakishly illuminated by their holy lightbulbs which will live on long after them.


It should have been a no-brainer, you would think, but look what happened.

Ha ha! The Republicans are just slaves to the NWO agenda. When did the NWO ever end up not getting its way in the end?

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