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The Night Before Christmas

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Been There

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Apr 23, 2005
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Norther Nebraska Sandhills
The winter of '83 was bad from Thanksgiving until after New Years, A lot of snow with the wind blowing it around.
My wife was living in town sending our daughter to high-school.
Christmas eve came around and, of course, I couldn't get to town and she couldn't come out. I was feeling really sorry for myself and decided I would bake a cake so I could at least pacify my sweet tooth.
I dumped the mix in a bowl, added the dry ingredients and broke one of my remaining three eggs into it. I imediately discovered that those eggs had long ago expired their usefulness as part of a cake mix.
I was really blue then so I wrote this poem, didn't cheer me up all that much.

The Night Before Christmas

‘twas the night before Christmas and all through the land.
the hard grip of winter, in a chilling icy band.

Minus thirty degrees,wind chill sixty below.
the roads drifted over with wind driven snow.

Behind the shelterbelts, where they were fed hay.
away from the wind, the cattle did lay.

Frost covered hair, a ghostly white.
all bunched together in the bone chilling night.

Ma, in her flannel gown, I with a chill up my back.
had just shut off the TV and hit the sack.

Electric blanket turned high, no cuddling, best warmer found.
with me in the country, and her in town.

Not thoughts of Christmas, as I lay in bed.
but visions of summer, raced through my head.

While out on the lawn, no reindeer from the sky.
just the wind and the cold, and snowdrifts piled high.

Not much was stirring in this landscape of white.
and I feared even Santa couldn’t travel that night.


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Feb 14, 2005
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That's a good one! Made chills go up my back or maybe it was looking out the window at the snow blowing by and hearing the wind howl.

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