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the not deep enough dirt corral

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
Well they about got it done, they tied the RR Ties together at the bottom with cable then bolted 2x8 to the top then across, But not high enough to ride a horse under. The alley is 12 feet wide :shock: ties and guard rail, the back of the corral is ties and guard rail, the 4 pens are net wire, they built a net fence along the county road and a alley to the road from the corral and left me no way to get off the hill. :roll: The guy brought up the contract so I brought up the contract and told him he had to build a loading chute too, that his portable chute was not in the contract. He said between the rock and the entire fill he already has $30,000 in this project. Hope the county assessor doesn’t use those figures. I can put in a gate on a little ridge above the corral to get my hay off the hill. :wink:

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