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They Are Against Us

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I Luv Herfrds

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Nov 8, 2007
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Read this on another forum and it ticked me off.
I've replied twice, but the ignorance of these people is still unbelievable.

I really wouldn't worry too much about it ILH . They may be able to get a group of yenta's together, but all one would have to do is hold up a bright shiny object and they will forget what they are opposing. :wink: Unless of course Hollywood gets involved and then all bets are off because everyone knows that if you are a celebrity you must be right. :mad:
HD this one person had the nerve to claim they are a "cattle raiser"
What the h*ll is that?
Never heard that term used before.
Told them to sell their cattle and come adopt a couple hundred head of mustangs and raise them instead and they cannot castate the studs.

I'm trying to get it locked. When it comes to the anti ranching, anti ag and pro wolves I'm pretty good at getting those threads locked.
I see dummies all the time that make me remember

"Don't try to remove the speck from your neighbors eye before you remove the plank from your own!"

Does it make you wonder if we would live in a better place if we all went back to the basics of the bible?

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