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They're back

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Feb 10, 2005
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The two Iran hostages are home and blaming their stay in an Iran Prison on the US/ Iran relations and US policies. They said everytime they complained about conditions they were told they were to think about the conditions at Gitmo. :shock: What makes me think they will be or are the poster boys for the far left? :? Never mind the reports that the prisoners at GITMO have it better than any prisoner in a US Prison. :roll:

But what really made me mad is neither one of these idiots took any blame on THEMSELVES in the press conference. It was not their faults they were hiking in a DANGEROUS area IE on the border of a country that hates and wants nothing more than to capture and torture American citizens. No it was the US fault because they don't get along with a country that go against everything the US believes. They should be thankful the US got them back and didn't leave them to rot but no it was the US governments fault they were captured in the first place. :mad:

When will these ungrateful stupid people learn to stop sightseeing in war torn countries that hate the US. It is bad enough that US soldiers have to be there let alone SIGHTSEERS :roll:

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