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This Judge Is Disgusted

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Feb 10, 2005
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:clap: Really I see no problem with him doing what he did. Was it racist no, as a black judge he wanted to speak from the heart to the people he saw as the ones with a HUGH problem. Good for him he showed he cares about black youth. Maybe he should go into the Black communities, to a Rec. Center, and speak to the black youth before they get to his courtroom. He should tell them what he is seeing coming up in front of him and tell them if they don't straighten out their lives they will be seeing him later too. A Successful Black Judge is the only person that can do what he did as if a White Judge tried he would be considered a white honky RACIST judge just trying to get in their business. I wish we had more judges that would take the time to tell the youth of the nation about what they have seen from their benches, if it stopped even one from ending up in jail it would be worth it.

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