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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
hey soapweed , how do you carry the bales off the fields, do you use your tractor with the loader with a few trailers or the pick up that carries two bales. I am amazed that your wife does so much work on the farm, not many like her. just seen the photos of her mowing.

Yes, I picked a peach when I picked Peach. :)


Bale hauler

It usually hauls six, but things didn't quite work like they were supposed to on this load.

Another old 4020 in use

Driving out from under the bales

Now they look pretty neat.

The loading arm works very well.

Kosmo was kold so I brought him a koat.
thanks for reply Soap,
Thats a very handy trailer.being a self loader.Isee 5x5 bales are used, ,All balers are 4ft wide here as max width on trailers is 8ft.We would lose too much of the bale if stored outdoors with our high rainfall but im sure it works very well with your colder climate. I enjoy your photos. Waiting here for a dry spell to harvest the wheat.
Is that the same trailer that you use with your hay feeder? Those things are handy we use a buffalo 8 bale mover that has a 1/4 turn arm. Some times I think some bales have a mind of their own and give you one heck of a time getting them on the trailer.

A guy west of us haules all of his bales of his field with three hydra bed pickups. I swear they go 60mph all over the field hauling them off.
With some of my hay fields spread out we have 2 backhoe tailers we can put 8 bales on them 3 in the valleys for 11 bales and two hay wagons ( 9' X 18') we can put 6 down and 2 up on. I like to put on hay wagons behind each trailer for 19 bales.

But I have to have a very competent driver for this. If I have the cat ( 277 ) skid steer ( it has suspended tracks ) I can load very fast and my son will take the first 19 bales to the yard while I load the next set then I will head for the bale yard. We still have the old ( 1975 ) model 700 bobcat that I put a full set of weights off a MF combine on that will unload with. I like to unload with a spear on the front of my 310 JD Backhoe but the skid steer gets around in tight spaces better.

I have tail lights on the hay wagons that plug into the trailers for safety on the road.

This might not be the best but I did not need to buy anything and it works well!
see allot of 5th wheel flat beds here with a 5th wheel hitch on the 3 point hitch of the tractor they guy never gets off the tractor just lift and drop the trailer on it's jack and load or unload. Some have a loader tractor in the field a stack tractor at the yard and pickups and trailer . But most round bales here are stacked in south to north roll with one or two bales on their ends with the top on the round, the rolls are usually 2 to 3 feet apart.
Aloot of the bale spinners have a 5th wheel ball welded on top in this area too
When we put up our 3x3's we use are semi leave one tractor out in the field and one at the stack. Most times we use two people one driving the truck and the other running the tractor.

Had a guy two years ago haul our 3x3's in with a stinger bale wagon. Nice working rig we put some thought into buying one of them just to dang pricy.

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