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To Big To Fail

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Watched this movie today very interesting any one else had the opportunity to see it. I really thought it was eye opening and interesting.


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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Was the witch hunt against Brooksley Born characterized correctly?



Mike I just read the article that you posted. I found it very interesting and informative thanks for posting. Looks like there were red flags in the past and blame goes back a long way. To bad no one was willing to listen. Also Hypo I think that the To Big To Fail Movie focused on saving the economy at the time. I know that I am not smart enough to understand the financial market, I also understand that there are responsible people in government that are not elected trying to do the job they were assigned. These people are over ridden by the lobbyist that are there to tilt the table in their direction and to make as much money as possible for the ones they represent. I know there is a lot of blame for what happened in the past that can not be undone. But the past should be used as a learning experience to fix the future. It is not happening because there is to much money at stake for the traders and traitors to tilt the table back to the point that everyone has a fair shot at a good future.

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