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To Cal: Harris and Me

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Feb 10, 2005
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Cal, the book you recommended called Harris and Me turned out to be a hit. Gave it to the grandson, and his father reads a chapter a night to him. Our son is enjoying it as well and, just as you said, has been changing a few of the choice words!
Thank you for the suggestion. I never would have discovered it on my own.
Harris and Me has got to be the funniest book ever written. Every time I do a long-term sub for a teacher in the upper grades, I read that book to the kids and they become my friends for life. If the rest of you haven't read it yet, by all means run a copy down and get it read. Gary Paulson is the author and it's not just for kids.
I'm glad it was a hit, am also glad they are reading a book based on early farm life.

I'd like to recommend another one, "A Long Way From Chicago" by Richard Peck is about a brother and sister from Chicago that go by train to visit their grandmother in very rural America every summer. It takes place from the mid '30's to 1942. I just finished reading it to the kid and the dog :D last night. The things that the grandmother does reminds me so much of a couple of great aunts I knew growing up that were a bit mischevious and tough as nails. You've got to get this one as well, I guarantee it to be funny and just as much enjoyment for the reader as well as the kid being read to.
Harris and Me is the funniest thing I have read or seen. It really puts you on the farm with him. My favorite part is when Harris pees on the electric fence :lol: . I laughed so hard it hurt.
have any of you have kids as recalcitrant as mine? BOTH of them, when they were 2-3 yrs old, warned about the hot wire, STILL had to get ahold of it. then couldn't let go for a minute. they SCREAMED, i tried to rescue them while not laughing in their face...what a job being a parent is, sometimes... :)
We are going to Sheridan, Wyoming for Memorial Day, to see both our parents, well, the one we each have left. Hopefully I can find both these books there.

I so appreciate the mention of good books, and a little of what they are about. A good book is priceless and I have a problem finding them it seems.

Along that line, have any you read Ralph Moody's books, "Little Britches", "Home Ranch", and "The Fields of Home"? They are really good books, CLASSICS, in fact.
Ralph Moody's books were, as you say, CLASSICS. We read most of them when I was a kid. SHAKING THE NICKEL BUSH and THE DRY DIVIDE were my favorites, because they were more about his "starting out years" on his own. He seemed to be an honorable young man with good morals that tried to do things in an upright fashion.

Ralph Moody came to the Valentine Library one time for a book signing when I was ten or eleven years old. My mother and I thought it would be interesting and educational to attend this event on a hot July afternoon. My dad thought we had too much hay down, and that we needed to tend to business and make hay while the sun shined. We did. After all, I was the chief raker.

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