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To the Liberals

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Feb 10, 2005
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Obama has continuely lied to the American Voters in every speech he has read from his teleprompter. He lied during his Address to the Nation speech as proven by the Supreme Court Justice that mouthed he lied while Obama was attacking them for a ruling they made. And when the Congressman yelled out you lie during his speech. Fact Check.com even had to admit he was lieing in other speeches he was making. You can go to a video of just about any speech he has made and find countless lies embedded in them and the media looks the other way out of respect for the office he sits in.

He has spent more money than any other President in the History of the US. on a stimulus bill that has been proven to be a total failure by the continuely raising/high unemployment rate that he promised would not rise if his bill was passed.

The projected deficits from Obama/Democrat spending bills is OFF THE CHARTS for years to come, burying future generations in debt before they are even born. These record deficits do not even included the actual cost of Obama Care that we all know was estimated to be a FRACTION of the true cost as the true cost would scare even the loyalist of supporters into not supporting it.

He has appointed known tax cheats/crooks to his Administration that have proven not to be as smart as he claimed them to be. If you can't do your own taxes should you really be entrusted to run the US Treasury or any other government department?

He has had the charges dropped on people that were intimidating voters at a US Polling station due to their skin color. His actions and those of his DOJ has opened the US up to a racial tension many thought no longer existed in the US.

He and his supporters have continuely, time after time, used race as a way of protecting his horrible agenda from it's honest critics. Again adding to the racial tension within the US.

He has told others to stop with the heated rhedoric but turns around and says nothing to his own party members and media supporters that continue to crank up the heat with lies and rumors to destroy anyone daring to speak up in protest to their agenda. Did he stop Kerry and others when they called the Tea Party members of Congress terrorists and hostage takers, NO he looked the other way and gave that heated rhedoric a pass because it was HIS PARTY.

He claimed the police acted stupidly when his friend was in the wrong and he failed to investigate the facts before openning his racist mouth.

He sold out bond holders of American car makers to protect his Unions backers.

After claiming he would veto bills with earmarks/pork, he turn around and sign 9000 into law in one bill, including money to protect California mouse habitat and removal of tatoos on California Gang members is this what the Federal tax funds are for TATOO REMOVAL?

He claimed he was going to be transparent then went behind closed doors at the WHite House and made back room deals to buy off his own party so they would back his horrible Healthcare bill. A bill in which he hid billions of dollars of spending and he is giving his backers waivers so they don't have to comply with.

He claimed he would bring down Health costs and he did the exact opposite. He was also caught lieing about the people he was using as examples to why the system needed to be changes.

He was publicly outrage over the AIG bonuses only to find out he signed them into law. Turns out he was in such a big of hurry to get out to California to be a super star on Late Night TV and do fund raisers he never read what he was signing. If he had lived up to his promise to post bills for five days before signing them then at least the public would have known what he was signing but NO just the results of yet another Obama broken Campaign promise.

He claimed he would change the way Washington worked, but did nothing. When he lost the midterm election to tea party candidates that were sent to Washington to STOP HIM he attacks them calling them freshmen Congressmen that don't know how things work in Washington. Problem is he and they were sent there to do the same thing and he failed so the second team was sent in to actually Change it and they did as the discussion was based on how much to CUT not how much more they could SPEND.

He has opennly admitted he was connected to an organization that was just convicted of Voter fraud. ACORN

He attended a Church for twenty years that was proven to be lead by a racist.

Crooks and terrorist were instrumental in getting his political career started.

His Administration has been involved it selling guns to Mexican Drug Cartels, that resulted in a death of a US border agent.

He has his DOJ sueing States that are just trying to protect their citizens from the ILLEGALS he is selling guns to.

He entered and remains in a war that the Congress didn't give their approval on which they are to do according to the US CONSTITUTION.

He sent the Navy Seals into a foreign country without their leaders permission and ordered a hit on an unarmed man straining the US relation with that some what friendly country.

He continuely insults US allies and kisses up to trug dictators. He even admitted it was tempting for him to become a dictator.

He spends more time on Golf courses, basketball courts and vacation than he seems to spend in the oval office. And Air Force one is always flying him off to yet another DNC Fund raiser at tax payer expense.

He refused to raise the debt ceiling as a Senator claiming a lack of leadership under Bush was the reason for the raise in Debt Ceiling but claimed the US would default and the Elderly would go without their SS checks if the Republicans didn't raise it for him.

He continuely blames others for the economy even though he has been in office for over two years and had a Super Majority so he could have done anything he wanted to fix it.

He submitted a budget that not one in his own party would support.
He has now done something that no other president in US History has ever done, he lost the US Triple A credit rating, this after he was warned it was going to happen if he didn't get government spending under control. The downgrade triggered the stock market to tumble and loose all it's gains for the past year. And if reports are right this will not likely be the last downgrade because of the GROWING US DEBT.

Let's face it there is absolutely no way you would have sat quietly by if Bush had don't any of these things but yet with Obama you look the other way and hide, your silence is showing your true hypocrite colors. So I ask
will any of you Obamabots now stand up and face the facts and ADMIT that your incompetent jr senator should never have been given the opportunity to destroy the US from within the Oval Office?
Excellent, excellent, excellent! You've outdone yourself this time, Tam. :clap:
Let's face it there is absolutely no way you would have sat quietly by if Bush had don't any of these things but yet with Obama you look the other way and hide, your silence is showing

,... sure is quiet in here..


They have their heads buried in the sand, only to come out to bash Bush! Or tell more lies :roll:

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