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Tony Dean and Sierra Club "disappointed"

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Feb 14, 2005
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A definite indicator of good legislation;

Tony Dean Outdoors
Sierra Club On Saving the Arctic

Today the U.S. Senate voted by a razor-thin margin to take the first step towards drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as part of the Federal Budget Resolution. A bipartisan group of Senators attempted to safeguard this national treasure and the native people and wildlife that depend on it, but 51 Senators voted against an amendment to strip Arctic drilling revenues from the Budget Resolution.

This obviously is a disappointment, but many hurdles remain before the budget is adopted and signed into law. The Sierra Club will continue working at every step along the way to keep this pristine wilderness from being despoiled forever.

We owe our thanks and heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has helped with this fight by signing our petition, calling their Senators, and supporting the Sierra Club. We promise to keep you informed as the situation unfolds and to let you know when and how you can help in the future. We have lost this round, but the fight to save the Arctic Refuge continues. You can still make a difference by staying involved.

Thank you,

The Sierra Club

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