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Feb 10, 2006
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eastern Montana
Television pundits, political hacks, progressives in higher education, brainwashed educators and the elite rulers in the halls of the Washington, D.C., cesspool love to call America a democracy. Most of the people believe it. After all, it is what is they were taught in school. But it is not so. America is a totalitarian society.

When envisioning a totalitarian regime, most American people imagine concentration camps, soldiers roaming the streets demanding “papers” and people disappearing in the dead of night. Totalitarianism American-style is more subtle. It has had to be, because the ancestors of today’s Americans believed in freedom and were willing to fight and die to preserve it.

Totalitarianism American-style has grown slowly and imperceptibly over many years. This is gradualism.

Much like watching your child grow if you see him every day, there is no perceptible difference until one day you realize the boy you saw yesterday is now a man. American totalitarianism has suddenly become a man.

The signs are all around for those who choose to see. You no longer have to search for them. Thanks to the Internet, which somehow remains out of government’s control, the signs are now appearing in plain sight, even if still only a minority realizes what the signs mean.

The ruling elites — politicians, judges and bureaucrats in government agencies — claim to have our best interests at heart. (I speak here of the ruling elites at the Federal, State and local levels.) The people believe this despite the contrary evidence. In truth, the ruling elites — with few exceptions — are looking out for their own interests, and their own interests are gaining more wealth and more power. That they do so at the expense of those they rule over bothers them not a whit.

That’s because they view the masses as worker bees and themselves as wise and omnipotent rulers. The worker bees are always expendable and replaceable. The ruling elites think nothing of confiscating the fruits of the labor of the worker bees — even to the point of making it unprofitable for the worker bees to continue their efforts — or sending them into battle to die in phony wars under the pretense of patriotism.

Many people, as they read this, will be quick to blame Barack Obama or George W. Bush. They would be both right and wrong. Obama and Bush are but two in a long line of human parasites who live or lived off the masses through deception and manipulation. The line includes Presidents current and past, Congresses current and past, Governors and State legislatures current and past, and local governments current and past. They are the true 1 percent.

The mindset that drives the ruling elites has been around for thousands of years. The actions of the ruling elites are evident throughout history and their methods and results can be studied. Unfortunately, there are few people today who study and understand history (that is to say history that has not been varnished by the elites). That’s why the elites are able to continue their ways.

The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were drafted by men who understood history and how the political and social order is the creation of evil men who wish to rule humanity. So they created a document meant to put shackles on those who would impose authoritarianism and tyranny. But the Founders didn’t count on Americans becoming ignorant and complacent. They presumed that Americans would be ever vigilant against the evil forces of the ruling elites and would value their freedom and liberties more even than their creature comforts.

How wrong they were. Americans have grown more ignorant, given into fear and sloth, and chosen to cede their freedoms and liberties for the false hope of protection and leisure. As long as the elites, aided by their propaganda ministers in the mainstream media, proclaim they are not stealing any liberties but are simply doing what must be done to keep everyone “safe,” Americans readily accept it as gospel.

America has played right into the hands of the ruling elites who demonstrated the patience of Job while waiting for this to occur.

We now live in a state of perpetual war. The so-called War on Terror has been going on for decades; it began long before it was ever given that name. There is no end in sight. Our government tells us that there are enemies to the left of us and enemies to the right. And when those enemies run out, there are enemies in our own neighborhoods and in our own families.

Over the past few years, we have learned that enemies of America are people who:
■Believe in smaller government.
■Believe the 10th Amendment is still valid.
■Buy items using cash.
■Store food and water for their own use.
■Buy weapons.
■Served in the military.
■Display Gadsden flags (once a symbol of America’s struggle for freedom).
■Photograph landmarks.
■Videotape police officers.
■Oppose gun laws.
■Petition government (which was once a right guaranteed under the 1st Amendment).

Even people who support Ron Paul’s Presidential candidacy are considered domestic terrorists and feared by the elites, who work overtime in back rooms in order to ensure Paul’s message of liberty is contained.

We now have a President who has determined he can be the sole judge and jury and decide who should be executed. Congress says little and does nothing and is, therefore, complicit. This effectively annulled the 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments.

We have a President who has decided he alone — with approval of the United Nations or NATO and in direct violation of the Constitution — can decide whether to send American forces into battle. A meaningless Obama impeachment bill has been introduced, but it is a minor triviality and of no consequence.

Congress passed and the President signed a bill in 2001 — and then reauthorized it on multiple occasions (the USA Patriot Act) — that gives government the authority to conduct warrantless searches of our finances and our communications, regardless of whether we are suspected of being an enemy of America (see above).

Congress passed and the President signed a bill that authorizes government to arrest Americans — even if on U.S. soil — and hold them without charge or trial in a secret location (National Defense Authorization Act).

Congress passed and the President signed a bill (Obamacare) that will require you to enter into a contract to pay for a service (health insurance) you may not want or need. Lower courts’ rulings on the issue have been mixed. The issue was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court last week. Who knows whether the justices will rule correctly, finding that the law should be struck down as unConstitutional?

It is telling — and indicative that the left/right paradigm is a false one — that, going into the Supreme Court hearing, news reports indicated that even Justice Anthony Kennedy and Chief Justice John Roberts may vote to uphold the law. Kennedy was appointed by Ronald Reagan, and Roberts was appointed by Bush. We were told they were conservative justices who would uphold the Constitution.

The FBI is creating “terrorists” and then patting itself on the back when it uncovers and thwarts the terror plots it helped create.

We are now unable to fly by commercial plane — and travel by some trains — without first being subjected to either an intimate patdown/sexual assault or a dose of harmful radiation — and sometimes we get both. This further establishes that the government believes we are all terrorists who must demonstrate our innocence.

Congress recently passed and the President signed a bill that nullified a portion of the 1st Amendment by making it unlawful to protest if a government “official” is in the area. This is subject to the whim of law enforcement.

Local police departments are becoming increasingly militarized and increasingly militant and strident. They now routinely arrest people for taking video of police actions or public meetings, and they confiscate cameras and cellphones. They abuse peaceful protesters. In Chicago, police officers recently told a journalist his “1st Amendment rights can be terminated and have limits.” Unfortunately, the idea that a citizen must obey any order simply because a police officer says so is typical of today’s cop. Ignore a police “order” and you are subject to being tasered and arrested. Children are even being tasered in school.

The medical mafia enlists local police officers to do their dirty work and remove children from parents if the parents try and decide what is best for their children’s health. There are many stories like that of Scott and Jodi Ferris and Maryanne Godboldo.

Your child, who is forced by law to attend public indoctrination centers commonly referred to as schools, must receive a series of harmful vaccinations before being allowed to enter.

The food mafia, under the cover of the Food and Drug Administration, is now arresting people for drinking raw milk, and has made it illegal to own hogs of a certain color. It has determined that walnuts are drugs that should be regulated and that kids should not be allowed to grow and sell rabbits or open lemonade stands.

Local governments have made it illegal to grow “unapproved” flowers and vegetables in yards, smoke in public, eat salty foods, purchase meals that include children’s toys, throw trash into garbage bins or hold Bible studies in homes.

Do you still think you’re free?

Just remember, it’s all for your own good.


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