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Trying something new.

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Jul 10, 2021
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Central Montana
We have a 40 acre field that we had plowed last fall, intending to seed it down to Falcata alfalfa and Birdsfoot Trefoil and Timothy this past Spring. We had a very wet Spring and Summer preventing us from getting the job done and our delayed haying season kept us busy until late this fall. We now have the field worked up with a very nice seed bed. Major winter weather is forecast with accumulating snow and lows in the teens starting tomorrow night. My son is dragging the Brillion seeder over the field. We are hoping it waits until next spring to germinate. Kind of a variation of "frost seeding". I had never had success fall seeding hay before, but believe that I had not given the seed enough time to grow enough before the first killing frost. We'll see what happens this time! Worst case scenario, after almost 50 years of ranching, I'm still seeking out new novel ways to screw up!
This is time of the year that Mother Nature chooses to seed grass. It should be just fine. Let us know next fall how it worked out.

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