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UK Riots

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Feb 10, 2005
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They just said one of the rioter was 13 years old and when he was facing the judge and realized he was to young to be jailed, he looked and the Judge and asked when he could get his phone back.

If I had been the judge I would have taken the snots phone walked up to him laid it on the floor in front of him and stomped on it and told him. he could have it in the same condition he left the store keepers windows that he was caught looting from. IN PIECES. Turn around, walked back to my desk and tossed one or both his parents in jail for the evening for raising a disrespectful smart mouth little brat, And held him at the toughest child safety officers home I could find. :mad:

BTW the film crew that was here in July are OK, TG, I checked on them and they said the street their office is on is shut down and they were in clean up mode as the shop two doors down was brunt to the ground. Total waste by those that feel they are entitled to anything they can get their greedy hands on. :mad:
Tam, did you read about the 19 yr old girl that was caught with all the looted stuff in her car? $5000 worth, I think it was.

These austerity measures have really hurt the poor, and we should not be criticizing their blackberrys etc.

Oh, the girl.....she's the daughter of a millionaire. :lol: :lol:
The most shockly report I heard was a young girl was seen on TV tossing rocks and her parents called the cops and reported her. She was a youth diplomat for the Oympics next year.

Great way to show leadership and put your country's best foot forward. :roll:

But good for the parents. :clap:

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