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Unions at it again

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Feb 10, 2005
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Verizon employees are striking and the Company has had their phone lines cut. Some of those lines involved a Police station and Hospital risking peoples lives.
There has been a sharp increase in cases of vandelizm since the strike started so the FBI is investigating. The Unions say their members would not break the laws. :shock: :wink:

Like the WI Teachers union members didn't break laws and didn't get fake doctors slips to cover their ILLEGAL walk outs. :wink: :roll:
watching the union and Verizon tear into each other is well worth it..

Al Jazeera English launches in New York

Al Jazeera English has become available for the first time to cable television viewers across New York. Two Million Subscribers to Time Warner Cable (Channel 92) and Verizon FiOS in the New York City region will be able to tune into global news coverage all day and through the night. This has been made possible through cooperation with Regional News Network (RNN) on their RISE channel.

l Jazeera English hailed the launch which they said brings "international news to an international city." The global news channel also released statistics on the large number of New Yorkers who are already regularly tuning into them through the internet.

"We're delighted to now be on televisions across New York," said Al Anstey, Al Jazeera English's Managing Director. "This launch has been fueled by viewer demand. We are already part of the media landscape here, with one in ten people having got information on events in America and the world from our website this year alone. We get more web traffic from New York than any other city on earth. Half a million New Yorkers are classed as regular visitors. Ever since our establishment, we've been committed to coverage of America and New York with a large bureau and team of journalists based in the city, so we're delighted to now be broadcasting global news onto televisions throughout the global melting pot that is New York."

personally I have Verizon. as a phone/internet provider.. and do not have a real choice...

but I have been researching my options.. I hope the strike cripples them.. and they are taken out of our market by a conservative corporation.

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