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us military fires on canadian diplomats

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Feb 10, 2005
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P.E.I. canada
I dont see any comments on the unfotunate happening in Irac.

I had not paid much attention to the story until I saw a news shot of some reporters trying to corner our new PM on who was right or wrong.

Im not trying to quote exactly what was said

news-- who was in the wrong
PM-- the us said they followed the rules and canada said they followed the rules are there two rules? I would like to see the rules myself.
But we owe a great debt, to the soldier whos skill averted what would have been a tradigity .

That stopped me cold, this solder was able to hit a moving vehicle from a moving vehicle without any loss of life. (I would have taken the driver)

Did he learn the skill in army training or was he used to handling a gun as a boy.
I would like to know that soldiers background.

I to feel we owe this soldier a debt.

regards redcountry
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