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USDA Flip-Flopping.............

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Testing cattle for BSE

[These questions asked of the USDA during a Q and A session of reporters in 2003 just after the finding of a Canadian positive]
Q. Will USDA be approving rapid diagnostic tests for BSE
A: At this time, no live animal tests are approved by USDA to detect BSE. USDA requires that all post-mortem testing for
BSE be done at NVSL. These tests are strictly to screen for the BSE agent and are not related to food safety.

Q. If BSE existed in the USA, would the testing of cattle for BSE make a great difference in the actual risk to humans?
A: Yes. However it would not take the risk away completely and this should be remembered. One thing that may well be of great value from testing is to make sure that the potential finding of BSE succeeds in the USA, whereas currently the numbers tested are probably too low to be sure of this.


These two questions seem to contradict each other. No, I take that back, they DO contradict each other!
I agree, Mike! Let's test, and find out exactly where it is and in what dosages and then ship with confidence worldwide. Have a good day all!

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