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Vengeance is hers..........

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Or, Karma is a bitch.....................

In a final act of revenge, Elizabeth Edwards secretly recorded a testimony in her dying days that helped prosecutors indict husband John last week, it was claimed today.

John Edwards is due to stand trial on charges that could lead to a 30-year jail sentence after he pleaded not guilty on Friday to using $925,000 in campaign funds to cover up an affair and love child.

The estranged wife of the former presidential candidate is alleged to have filmed a damning testimony that was central to the prosecution's case for charges.

Friends said the cancer victim, who died in December, wanted to 'haunt' her estranged husband and his mistress Rielle Hunter, with whom he fathered a child and made a sex tape

Bruce Baron, an expert on federal law, said: 'The value of a potential dying declaration, or tape, containing the testimony of Elizabeth Edwards, is devastating to any case or defence that Edwards would have.

'On the secret video, Elizabeth spells out everything she knew about John's affair with Rielle and how he managed to cover it up for so long,' a source told the Enquirer.

'She also spills all of John's lies – many of which could be what sends him up the river.'

'Elizabeth wanted to haunt John and Rielle – literally from her grave – and she has,' the source told the Enquirer.

'She hated them with a vengeance. This was a woman who took her final breath in the same bed where John once had sex with his mistress.'

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