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Very sad news

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Feb 10, 2005
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Stratton, Ontario
I don't know if any of our Minnesota or Wisconsin friends on here knew him, but I was just told tonight that Dr. Jon Fistler, previously of Lake Country Veterinary Service in Albany, MN, committed suicide today. He moved into my neck of the woods this year to continue being a DVM and be closer to his kids. I actually just ran into him for the first time about a month ago, and he was such a easy person to get along with and full of vet advice/knowledge. :frowns:
So sorry to hear. Must have been living in some terrible pain. We never know what the other person is going through. Especially sad for his kids.
Very Traggic and painful...lots of unanswered questions. You just don't know who is fighting a battle underneth. Prayers to his family and those whom knew him.

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