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Video of one of our bulls

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Apr 20, 2005
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North Western SD
We purchased a bull last spring from CT Red Angus with ABS and Lucht Red Angus out of Montana. ABS took a video of him which is on on their website. Have a look on the link.

He was with 53 cows at our ranch from July 25 to Sept 15

CT Grand Statement 1025

Nice looking bull, BRG. He is a meat machine of muscle and mobility. It should have been no trouble at all for him to cover the country required to service the 53 cows.
For having worked that hard all summer, he "cleaned up" mighty well to have his picture taken, too. He is a fine bull that you will look back on as a great investment.
He is a good looking bull BRG! I appreciate the way he moves freely and takes a long stride. He is smooth in his lines, and especially smooth in blending from neck to shoulder. He seems level from hooks to pins and all in all, a really nice moving functional bull.
very nice bull.... i dont care for red bulls, but as far as bulls go he is very nice.
gcreekrch said:
He walks like he owns the world Bryan, how did the cows he was with test?

Ya, that is one of the things I like about him.

As far as how the cows tested. I don't know, as I haven't done a check per bull yet. It will be easy to check, when I get to it, as all but 1 of his cows were 1st calf heifer pairs.

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