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Violence in Kadoka?

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I was glancing thru newbriefs today and when I read this the first thing I thought of was ~SH~..... looks like a need for anger management classes......

A South Dakota woman attacked a convenience store
clerk with several 1 pound sausages Thursday morning
after she was unable to use the store's outdoor vacuum
cleaner for her car.

The 34-year-old worker reported that a woman came
in the store and said she wanted to use the vacuum
cleaner but a car was parked in the way.

When the clerk told the woman that the car was disabled
and could not be moved, she picked up several Big
Mama Pickled Sausage packages from the counter
and threw them at the clerk.

The sausages hit the clerk in the face causing her eye
glasses to shatter. The clerk retreated to the back room
of the store and called police.
Sounds like a rough place recently. First car theft and now assault with a deadly sausage... :???:

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