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Wal-Mart Kicks Out Christmas

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I received this e-mail today-been busy and haven't been following the news, so was unsure if it was true.....After doing a google search I found news articles verifying it- in fact it appears as tho several major church organizations are promoting for their members to boycott Walmart stores...I won't have to as I don't walk in their doors now, but after reading this neither will my wife this CHRISTMAS SEASON...

And on Monday they will get my phone call............

I heard on the O'Reily Factor last night (Fox News) that Walmart was not going to carry anything that mentioned Christmas such as Merry Christmas signs or other items because they don't want to offend anyone.

I called the corporate office this morning to see if this was true and yes it is. They are replacing all the "Christmas" items with Happy Holidays.

I am really upset about this. O'Reily reported that over 80% of the American people believe in Jesus and think Christmas needs to be centered around Him. Isn't that something? Walmart, an American company started in Arkansas, is trying not offend less than 20% of the population. So what about over 80% of the believers? I am offended and will not spend another dime at Walmart as long as this trend stands.

Please pass this on and call the corporate office at 1-800-walmart and voice your opinion. Together we can make a difference.



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Oct 27, 2005
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NW Panhandle Texas
Its NOT only Wal-Mart its quite a few other store. Target~Sears~Kohls
I was trying to find the list off foxnews. It is all a bunch of PC.


msSage- Heres an e-mail I received back from an in-law---It includes some of that Fox-news article.....

Hi Dick,

You are 100% correct – but it’s not just Wal-Mart. Here’s a recent news item I found at Foxnews and presented by Bill O’Reilly:

"Christmas with the Kranks" is not only the name of a holiday movie this year, it is also a national trend. Once again, Christmas is under siege by the growing forces of secularism in America. Put these facts in your stocking:

Federated Department Stores, which includes Macy's, has suggested that managers avoid displaying "Merry Christmas" banners and have ordered employees not to talk about it.
In Denver, a church was banned from the "Festival of Lights" parade because it wanted a religious theme to its float.
The Maplewood, New Jersey school board has banned all religious music from "holiday" concerts. (Would somebody please tell me exactly what holiday this is?)
And New York City Mayor Bloomberg insists that the lighted tree outside City Hall is not a Christmas tree, it's a "holiday tree." (What holiday, Mr. Mayor?)
Surveys show that more than 90% of Americans celebrate the Federal holiday of Christmas, signed into law by President Grant in 1870. Despite that overwhelming number, the tradition of Christmas in America continues to get hammered.

The anti-Christmas forces say it's all about diversity, protecting the sensitivities of those Americans who get offended by the mere mention of the birth of Jesus. Somehow, I haven't been able to locate any of these people--folks who find a baby in a manger so off-putting, it ruins their day.

So the diversity excuse is a bunch of bull. What's really going on here is a well-organized movement to wipe out any display of organized religion from the public arena.

The secular-progressive movement understands very well that it is organized religion, most specifically Christianity and Judaism, that stands in the way of gay marriage, partial birth abortion, legalized narcotics, euthanasia, and many other secular causes. If religion can be de-emphasized in the USA, a brave new progressive society can be achieved.

It has happened in Canada. Once a traditional religious country, Canada has become like Holland in its embrace of the secular movement. Some facts: In 1980, 79% of Canadians said that religion was important to the country. That number has now fallen to 61%, according to an Environics Focus Canada poll.

In 1971, less than one percent of the Canadian population reported having no religion whatsoever; now that number has risen to 16%.

The fall of religion in Canada has corresponded to a change in public policy. Unlike Americans, Canadians have legalized gay marriage and any kind of abortion. Also, the age of consent for sex up north is just 14 years old. Can you imagine American adults being allowed to fool around with children that age? I can't.

Even drug legalization is close to being a reality, as the city of Vancouver is developing a heroin give-away policy, and pot has been largely decriminalized across the country.

The Canadian model is what progressive Americans are shooting for, and so religion must be dealt with. Since Christmas is the most demonstrative display of organized religion, the strategy of minimizing the birth of Jesus makes perfect sense.

I know this sounds kind of conspiratorial, but it really isn't. Most of those marginalizing Christmas have no idea about the big picture I've just presented. They simply think they're looking out for the minority of Americans who don't celebrate the birth of Christ.

But committed secularists in the media, in the courts, and in the education system know exactly what's going on. And now so do you. Merry Christmas!



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Jun 3, 2005
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Sooner or later, even Happy Holidays in this country is going to be considered un-PC, because it's derived from "Holy Days."

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