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War Veteran talks about Iraq truth

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Enjoy and discuss if you disagree with this hero.
I agree our govt needs reigned in, but also think the guy is way off base. no more than a pot smoking hippie from the Vietnam war.....
My brother is over there right now.

I have several friends who served over there. One got to drinking and talking one night. This guy you posted is full of crap and giving a speech prepared for him by the enemy.

sniff sniff yep there's the stench again.
Hey, new kid on the block here, not a rancher but have come here from time to time to check the pulse of the heartland. Never posted here but as a survivor of two Vietnam Vets, brother and husband, that video got my blood boiling. Can anyone say John "Christmas in Cambodia" Kerry?

I Luv Herfrds, steel on target, regard speech prepared by the enemy as was Kerry's April 22, 1971 before the Senate Commitee on Foreign Relations when he betrayed every warrior that served in country Vietnam.

For those that want the truth about our Warriors currently serving you can get a heaping plate full at One Marines View. God Bless the USA, her Warriors and their families. All volunteers standing on the wall for all of us!


Here you go, a brief from This Ain't Hell regard Mike Prysner.


His military record is posted there.

You all decide the veracity of his monolog.

Point and left click record's posted to enlarge for reading.
sometimes you have to look deeper into the source of a article or youtube to see who really put it together..

the link stops at an abandoned members site..

but then I found out about his job in the service,..

Major Duties: The common ground station (CGS) operator supervises or participates in detecting, locating and tracking ground targets and rotary wing and slow moving fixed wing aircraft.

Deploys and reploys the IGS in a tactical environment. Operates the data systems and communication equipment organic to the IGS. Analyzes JSTARS near-real-time radar imagery data, SIGINT data and SIDS products received via the CTT/JTT. Analyzes softcopy imagery, to include infrared and electro-optics received from UAV platforms.

While I worked outside my main classification,... it is seldom done to the extent that he would have had to to be as invloved as he claimed in combat ground operations, , so at first glance, I would call him dishonest.. cause if he was doing his job.. he would have had to see it happen on a screen..

He served as a Imagery Ground Station (IGS) Operator and a Common Ground Station (CGS) Operator with the 10th Mountain Division. It seems to me that if he saw all of the bad things he described during his tour, and he's wracked with such guilt, he'd report it. Even though, in my experience, he probably didn't see much at all, since his job was to stare at screens. But, ya know, Iraq was a different war and maybe he did actually work outside the wire – but there's no Combat Action Badge in his records which tells me he didn't see much at all.

The only way he can become a hero is to be called one by people who have really, really low standards for heroes.

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